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  • Big Rocks in Difficult Conversations - Part II
    Starting with the “big rocks” is a method of prioritization. It makes sense when you have a long list of things to do… but does it apply to difficult conversations? Read more
  • Start with the Big Rocks - Part I
    Perhaps you’ve seen the “Big Rocks” demonstration Stephen Covey taught many years ago… you know, the one where you have a jar filled with little rocks and another filled with Read more
  • Creating a Powerful Vision - a Prescription for Success!
    Last night I saw the movie “Side Effects” – a provocative thriller that focuses on the subject of depression and the consequences of prescription drugs. Depression is defined in the Read more
  • The Power of Context
    In conversations outside the ones we have with ourselves, setting appropriate context always has a positive impact on the outcome of the discussion. I’m especially prone to naively thinking that Read more
  • How to Love Deeply, Part 2
    Last November I wrote a post here called “How to Love Deeply.” I’m curious about why this is the most searched and read post on this site and offer my Read more
  • Burying Your Weapons
    I understand that warriors and chiefs of native tribes used to bury their weapons outside the area where they gathered to discuss terms of engagement or a potential settlement of Read more
  • The Maps that Drive Us
    Whether you are a successful CEO of a multi-national company, a parent taking your kids to a soccer game or a trial attorney, you have ways of doing things that Read more
  • Discipline of Thought--A Key Leadership Trait
    Sounds kind of heavy… to discipline our thoughts doesn’t it? Why do it and what’s the effect? In the last several months, I’ve battled a recurring series of thoughts that Read more
  • Listening vs Hearing
    What’s the difference between listening and hearing and does it matter? Recently I had an experience that highlighted the differences. A phone solicitation came late one afternoon from an organization I’ve donated money Read more
  • On Droughts and Relationships
    This summer much of the interior of the U.S. has been bone dry. The drought has been nearly as severe as the “dust bowl” years in the 1930’s with corresponding Read more
  • The Warrior's Calling
    I realized one of my dreams this summer by attending a Summer Institute in Halifax, Nova Scotia hosted by the ALIA Institute. ALIA strengthens and builds on innate leadership capacities such as Read more
  • Appreciation Ratios
    I’ve been re-reading Dale Carnegie’s 1930’s classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” because the speaker coming to my Vistage CEO group this month uses it as his trusted Read more
  • The toxic tendency of asking "why" in conflict
    In a heated, conflicted moment recently, I heard a voice inside me asking, “how did I get HERE?” and realized I was spending more time trying to figure out why Read more
  • Upgrading Our Relationship with "Place"
    Last week I read The New Globalist is Homesick in the New York Times about the persistent feeling of homesickness among immigrants and migrants. Susan Matt writes, “The global desire to Read more
  • The power of Affirmation
    My Grandfather always said this was the best month of the year—“Great people were born during February!” he’d say. His list would often be different but might include Abraham Lincoln, Read more
  • The Way Forward
    Last week hiking out of the Grand Canyon I was struck by how formidable the way up appeared even though I knew I had just descended on the same trail. Read more