How to Love Deeply, Part 2

How to Love Deeply, Part 2

Last November I wrote a post here called “How to Love Deeply.” I’m curious about why this is the most searched and read post on this site and offer my thoughts here.

I believe that at some level all of us simply want to be loved, seen and acknowledged… for our human spirit to be validated. We know the real thing when it comes by how it soothes open our heart of hearts.

This has EVERYTHING to do with leadership and conflict resolution and is the key component of the paradigm shifting consciousness that will create the hospitable world in which we seek to live.

If we are to transform our most stubborn conflicts into opportunities and evolve our lacking leadership culture into a collaborative, whole-hearted process, deep love must be at the heart of the shift.

For example, I cannot hear what you’re really saying and feeling (a vital trait of an evolved leader) if I don’t have compassion; I cannot have compassion unless I’m open-hearted; I cannot be open-hearted if I’m afraid of being vulnerable; and I cannot be vulnerable if I don’t have a sense of confidence in who I am.

To trust that I won’t be swept away by my vulnerability and look utterly silly, I have to accept that I’m going to be alright just the way I am, no matter what. My most misunderstood fears, my least admirable weaknesses and my deepest sadness get to be held with tenderness and acceptance. Observing my judgments and assumptions with a bit of detachment and a sense of humor require self-care and Self-love.

Genuine love for ourselves is what allows us to take responsibility for our impact on those around us and allows us to read conflict as a signal that something in our system is trying to happen. This is modern day warriorship and this is what it means to love deeply.

You were drawn to read this post for a reason, even if you thought were looking for something else. Please take a moment right now to look inside… to listen in to your heart of hearts… to witness yourself as the valiant human spirit you’ve always been.

You are on a journey of the modern warrior.

You are needed.

It’s time to learn how to harness this power.