Meditation and Facilitation

Mediate Agreements and Facilitate Conversations for Lasting Resolutions and Sustainable Results

Conflict costs organizations nearly $400 billion annually in loss of morale, sick days and decreased productivity. Interpersonal disruptions and disagreements stifle every team’s effectiveness.

Formal Mediation
Long before legal entanglements arise, formal mediation services with a certified, experienced mediator can resolve your sticky situations. Giving voice to all parties’ needs and interests, a mediator passionately advocates for the resolution process instead of the individuals' grievances.

Group Facilitation
In this less structured, inherently safe environment, even the most difficult of conversations can flourish. Cutting-edge facilitation methods

are used, including the Open Space Technology (OST) approach and Arnold Mindell’s Large Group Process. Both lead to lasting, sustainable resolutions.

Compassionate Response also offers experiential workshops that are tailored specifically for each group's needs. Professional Group Facilitation is designed to increase team communication skills and individuals’ abilities to manage conflicts more effectively.

Why wait for confusion and chaos to stifle the productivity and potential of your family or group?

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