Fusing insightful questioning, a passion for learning, and strong business acumen, Scott challenged me to be both a better business leader and a better person. Scott is thoughtful and beautifully honest. He identified areas in which I had limited my own potential, and provided tools for a lifetime to help me expand my thinking and self-awareness.


    Because of our work together, I can honestly say I'm a better person. Having the ability to speak with another professional has made all the difference in my job and home life. I appreciate how Scott keeps me focused and challenges my positions, not letting me justify a misguided path.


    Scott has been instrumental as my coach. I was empowered and inspired to create a new vision/mission for my career and family. I now have greater balance in my life and have recently accepted a position that embodies my mission and goals. My work with Scott has transformed my career and led to greater personal fulfillment.


    Scott developed a series of training sessions for our group that helped people learn real ways to communicate more productively and supportively. It wasn’t just theory but practical techniques that we could take with us and practice immediately with our co-workers, families, etc. You can feel that Scott’s motivation is to help people be their best selves.


    Scott has the remarkable ability to stay in the moment and at the same time, stay ahead of you seeing beyond, ahead of where you are. You are twice blessed!   Every session, I discover something incredible, unique, enriching, practical and insightful.  He's the finest there is.  Don't miss your chance to work with him.


    When our staff wanted to learn to manage conflict in healthy ways, Scott designed a program tailor-made to our needs. His compassionate approach to conflict resolution makes sense. It made us better listeners, helped us to see each other differently, and in the process made us a stronger team.


    Scott is an extremely conscientious person who approaches each situation with passion and commitment. He spends considerable amount of time preparing to ensure participants get the most of his sessions. He is committed to doing things in a collaborative way, and takes on the responsibility to make sure projects are completed on time and done well.