Bravely Navigating Life's Journey into the Chaos and Complexity of the Unknown...

Throughout history, civilizations intuitively relied on their fiercest warriors to fight for what was decent and right, to stay alive. Masculine strength, courage, determination, and cunning saved the day. 

Feminine traits like compassion, collaboration and consensus building weren’t thought to be effective on the front lines. Until now. 

The dystopian complexity and volatility confronting our world today requires a new breed of warrior: one who intentionally and generously expands their range of both masculine and feminine qualities. 

Here is a guide to strengthen every modern-day warrior’s resolve and resiliency, told through a lens of one man’s search for meaning as he navigates his life journey through a paradox of success, disappointment, and purpose. 

Now is the time for Warriors to rise and to fight for what is decent and right, to help ourselves, our communities and our civilization stay awake and alive.

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Topics Covered In The Book

Each chapter is a compass heading, working clockwise and starting in the East



The day starts on the path of possibility as the sun rises. It's time to begin anew, again. The vision of what’s possible and why it’s important becomes clear. 



Compassion and forgiveness, first to ourself and then to others, is vital to moving into action. This is the first Owl called "Unconditional Love." 



Being prepared for this new day, whatever it may bring, stems from understanding our innate feminine qualities. Warriorship rooted in collaboration, listening and empathy is powerful beyond measure.



We co-create our path with a higher power and offer a profound prayer of gratitude for what we have and what's ahead. What we appreciate, appreciates. 



Every moment offers an opportunity. Despite our fiercest inner critic, we remain open to outcomes, act intentionally and willingly let go of assumptions and clinging to any sense of permanence. This helps the Warrior be present to the opportunities embedded in the chaos. 



The second Owl, "Permission to Fail" enters the path. Messiness, shadows, and darkness are naturally a part of each day. As thought-leaders accept their flaws, they are ready to fully embrace their Warriorship.



The Warrior is now fully prepared to accept chaos, uncertainty and unknown as part of the current world situation. They are called forth with gentle urgency. 



Seeing our interconnectedness with all things is the role of the third Owl, "Oneness." From this vantage point, the Warrior is more able to effect change in everyday life.



The fully formed Warrior graciously embraces the responsibility to see others as we are seen, just as the sky above always witnesses everything that we see, think and feel. It's time to treat others with the same decency and respect.



Warriors take full responsibility for being good stewards of the land, the trees, the birds, the grasses, and all earthly resources. They hold the earth's sustainability as precious and vital to our survival.



Fully navigating the Warrior's Compass, we arrive in the center and know the place both intimately and as if for the first time. We take a courageous stand for human resilience, determination, and creativity. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

About The Author

Scott Headshot

Scott Seagren is a trusted advisor to hundreds of successful business and organization leaders worldwide who are committed to developing a more conscious, purposeful, highly productive culture and workforce. 

As a trained mediator, expert facilitator, and master coach, he guides leaders, partnerships and teams on topics that ignite progress and inspire mindful solutions. Scott also chairs monthly CEO peer groups for Vistage Worldwide.

Prior to reinventing himself as a “CEO to CEOs,” he ran a successful commodities and options trading business on the Chicago Board of Trade for nearly 20 years. His trading floor experience, serving as a chaplain in a mental health institution, and years of working with senior leaders has galvanized Scott’s calm demeanor and deep inner strength. He believes that leadership evolution and transformation happen one courageous conversation at a time. 

He is a graduate of Northwestern University where he majored in English Literature and Economics and lives in both the Chicago area and central New Hampshire.

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