Leadership Advocacy

The "Co-Active" Approach of Compassionate Response
Expect a working relationship with conversations that are candid, even disruptive, but well-intentioned and constructive. These are the “courageous conversations” you need to have about what you think, what others observe, and the gaps between the two.

Both parties must be fully present and committed to the process. You, the client, set the goals and the agenda. The coach acts as your partner, sounding board, safe-haven, champion, and challenger. The dialectic will bring many issues to the surface.

Reactive behaviors, such as controlling, protecting, and complying, can be addressed head-on. Emotions are a normal, healthy part of being human, so naturally we work with them in a trusting atmosphere.

Patterns of action are connected to habits of thought. Your inner self—the collection of stories you believe about yourself—is the most important place to begin evolving your leadership to the next level.

Professional coaching with Compassionate Response is tailored to the needs of each client. Individual, Partner, and Group options are available.

At an initial consultation, all parties will assess the dynamics, chemistry, and overall “fit” of the relationship. Clients typically choose a coach that makes them feel heard and understood. Coaches choose clients that seem willing and open to transform and elevate—personally, privately, and professionally. Meetings can take place in person, but they can also take place via phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, etc.

Pricing is dependent on several factors, such as the frequency of meetings, proximity to common meeting locations, and the type of organization (corporate, non-profit, individual, etc.). Packages are available for ongoing engagements, and a minimum of 6 months is required.