The Owl's Perch

  • What is it about Inner Demons?
    The news of Robin William’s apparent suicide this week has many people expressing shock, sadness, compassion and an offer to be a listening ear for those who need help. What Read more
  • This One Wild and Precious Life
    Mary Oliver wrote a beautiful poem entitled, The Summer Day, which ends with this provocative question: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious Read more
  • The Unseen Costs of Being Reactive
    “The Leadership Circle” developed an assessment tool I use in my leadership development work that has helped guide thousands of leaders to a more effective style of leadership. The tool Read more
  • The Importance of Reflection Time
    On Easter Sunday this year I decided to do something completely different. Having taught Sunday School for many years, I was pretty familiar with the biblical story both of Jesus' Read more
  • Wholeness and Leadership
    Being raised in a home where unconditional love was taught and modeled (along with the humanness of not always doing it very well) I was exposed to a sense of Read more
  • Assuming Positive Intent
    Recently I did something that I was embarrassed about and was caught off-guard by my actions being called out by someone else. When confronted, my internal reaction was to defend Read more
  • Forgiveness and Standing Up For Yourself
    Is it possible to stand up for yourself at the same time you forgive yourself? Some days this seems like an impossible task for me – the two behaviors often Read more
  • The Road of Good Intentions
    For the last several years, I’ve shared a daily intention/affirmation with an accountability partner as a way to be more mindful each day as part of an annual intention/goal setting Read more
  • Staying Present During the Holidays - A Mindful Gift!
    Many holidays are often accompanied by increased depression caused by loneliness, feeling left out or disconnected from loved ones. For years, I’ve known a deep sense of happiness during the Read more
  • The Gratitude Challenge - Are You In?
    When I was a kid and didn't feel well, one of the activities my mom encouraged me to do was write down a list of 25 things for which I Read more
  • Leaders Could Learn a Few Things from Great Moms
    Sitting down into my coveted aisle seat after a very full week, I looked forward to the 4 1/2 hour flight to the West coast to catch up on my Read more
  • Sometimes You Have to Throw Away the Script
    Recently, I was co-leading the final workshop of a six-month project for the managing board of a local company. The curriculum had taken weeks of hard work to refine and Read more
  • We All Have an Agenda!
    It sounds great not to have an agenda, especially a hidden one, when in conversation with others, right? Recently, I recalled the coach training I received from the Coaches Training Institute Read more
  • The Power of Giving and Receiving Acknowledgement
    Ever notice how awkward it is for some people to receive a compliment, either because it’s given somewhat backhandedly or because it feels like they are being singled out? I Read more
  • Making Decisions Out of Fear - How Fascinating!
    In the midst of a difficult conversation or conflict, and even sometimes when I’m simply pressed for time, I often make a snap decision that is often a result of Read more
  • Challenging the Status Quo
    Someone once told me that the best way not to get into big ruts was not to get into small ones. I took this to heart when, for nearly two Read more