How to Disappoint Others and Still Excel Professionally

How to Disappoint Others and Still Excel Professionally

You may notice that I didn't publish my monthly blog in June or July this year. It's been a very full summer! And, it's disappointing not to get to the things that mean the most. I have a story (see last month's post) that I lose credibility, lose readership and appear checked out. On the contrary, I'm fully engaged in my professional growth, most especially with a "Warriors for the Human Spirit" tribe I'm learning with over an 18 month period. Lots to learn!

This month I’m reposting an excellent article that was also a key part of my bi-monthly newsletter, “News Thought Leaders Can Use” in August. That article received so many thoughtful responses, it deserves to be read again. The article is about being okay with (mindfully) disappointing people by practicing generous self-care (yes, that's what I've been up to this summer!).

Click HERE for a link to the article from Conscious Company magazine. 

I couldn’t have said it any better and it’s worth a solid read, so please take the time to learn what it means to create solid boundaries in a complex environment. After all, in the words of the author, “It’s up to all of us to create a world in which people are allowed to rest and recover.” Below are the 5 suggestions – take a look at the article for a more in-depth understanding of what they mean in practice.

1) Realize that you're not "too needy"

2) Figure out your “F.O.M.O.” (Fear Of Missing Out)

3) Practice the mantra, “What’s good for me is good for everybody”

4) Learn to call in sick

5) Realize you’re leading by example

How are you practicing disappointing others?