How conscious is your leadership?

Companies expect more from leaders now than ever before. Learn to lead with confidence, develop situational adaptability, and positively motivate your teams toward excellence. Get help with appraising strengths and weaknesses with honesty, then integrate new practices that spark engagement, inspire optimism, and support the mission and vision you desire.

Take your Leadership Acumen to the next level


Stuck working IN your business? Take the time to work ON your business.

A well-cultivated, well-facilitated board of advisors will:

  • Challenge you to justify and clarify your decisions
  • Keep you committed to staying strategic
  • Help you work smarter and find more balance in your life

The results speak for themselves: Better leadership, better decisions, and better results. Every business can use that! What’s stopping you from joining an exclusive peer advisory group?


What conversations are you NOT having?

Unresolved, persistent conflict puts enormous strain on organizations, and the cost implications are real. It’s time that we recognize and recover the income, productivity, and goodwill lost to discord within organizations.

An outside facilitator can provide the safety in which the "hard questions" can be asked.

Is it time for YOU to begin having the conversations you're NOT having?


Are unresolved disagreements keeping you up at night?

Resolve tough situations faster and move on with life sooner with the help of an impartial third-party mediator. Unlock constructive conversation between people more easily, and explore various perspectives and options that disputing parties struggle to uncover on their own. Formal mediation uses a model that helps parties move from positions to needs, and from needs to win-win resolutions.

How much time, money, and frustration are unresolved issues costing YOU and your relationships?