Method and Pricing - Mediation Services

Mediation is a process that moves parties from conflict to alignment and often ends with an agreement. Work is offered in phases that correspond with how quickly alignment is reached and whether a formal agreement is needed or not. Sessions can range from 30 minutes to four hours and can be conducted in person or by phone. Facilitated conversations open communication doorways and change behavioral patterns because they are based on needs and interests rather than positions.

Pricing is generated by the phases of work. An initial phase may include four to six sessions of varying length and begins at $1500.

Method and Pricing - Facilitation

Group facilitation options range from single workshops for small or large groups, to multi-day retreats. Fees vary based on length, location and number of facilitators.

For example, the fee for a half-day workshop begins at $100 per person with a minimum of $1500. Non-profit rates are available.

What can you do TODAY?

Organizations and relationships fail at an alarming rate… all because of conversations that are NOT happening. Consider this exercise:

  • On a piece of paper list the number of sick days, hours leaving early, slowed work time due to stress, etc. of your lowest paid employee
  • Find the dollar cost of that loss of productivity by dividing their annual salary into hours and multiplying by the lost days/hours
  • Multiply this number by 2 because there are usually two people involved in miscommunication and conflict
  • This is the cost of the current conflict, and likely an underestimate
  • Compare that to the cost of hiring a mediator for a few days or having several facilitated discussions… you be the judge—what are you tolerating?