Method and Pricing - Peer Advisory Groups

All pricing is set by Vistage International and depends on the type of group you're interested in, ranging from large company CEOs, small business/emerging entrepreneur CEOs, key executive groups and smaller trusted advisor groups. Please contact Scott directly to discuss which group is most appropriate and to schedule an informational interview.  

Once the details are understood, a selection interview will take place to make sure there is a cultural fit within the group and to make sure there are no conflicts of interest with other members of the group. Typically, at this point the business leader will join the group for lunch to get to know the members and to be interviewed by them. Being selected to join a personal board of advisors is more art than science!

To read more about Scott's Chicago area Vistage group, click HERE.

What can you do TODAY?

Real conversation with your peers at its best is "care-frontational" – it confronts what most holds you back and with the best intentions. Ask yourself these questions:

  • When I have a key decision to make, whom do I talk to about it?
  • Is their input un-biased, honest, agenda-free?
  • Now, develop a list of your key "personal board of directors" and talk to them about what you need from them!