CEO Peer Advisory Groups--Better Leadership, Better Decisions, Better Results

As the chief executive, business owner and key decision maker what keeps you up at night? What if you could get different perspectives from other business leaders who are also running businesses?  

A peer advisory group is the best place to begin taking your business to the next level.  Consider it a leadership lab, a mastermind group or your own personal board of advisors!  Join over 15,000 CEOs from 16 countries who gather with 12-15 non-competing leaders once a month with a highly trained and experienced group chair.  Vistage International has over 50 years of experience as the leading CEO membership organization in the world, increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of business leaders.

The Vistage Advantage integrates four key benefits: Monthly advisory group meetings; monthly one-to-one executive coaching sessions; expert speaker workshops; and exclusive online content and connectivity.

Are you a thought leader? Are you hungry to take your business to the next level and know you can't do it alone?

Read more about Scott's local Chicago area Vistage group HERE!

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