How do you stay at the top of your game when challenged?

Your inner game--the collection of stories you believe about yourself--is the most important place to begin evolving your leadership to the next level.  You have the mechanics in place... now it's time to unlock your full potential!

Nearly 2/3 of leaders in the Fortune 1000 use executive coaching to increase accountability and hold their feet to the fire of excellence.

Do YOU have a coach to hold you accountable?

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How much time do you spend working ON your business?

Leaders who engage with their peers grow their company revenues 2-3 times faster than their competition!

Why? Because with a personal board of advisors--at least a dozen eyes and ears on their leadership--they can fine tune the intended impact they have on others; they remain committed to staying strategic--working ON the business, not just IN it; they ask their peers to challenge them on their decisions; and they work smarter and have more balance in their life. The result? A better and growing bottom line! 

Better leadership, better decisions, better results--every business can use that!

Are YOU ready to join an exclusive peer advisory group?

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What conversations are you NOT having?

Unmanaged conflict is one of the largest reducible costs in organizations today, and one of the least recognized! 

Groups, families, couples and teams that see themselves as an integrated system and are willing to engage in honest conversation are more likely to thrive under stressful situations and embrace problems as opportunities. Empowered relationships are the key to profitable outcomes.

Holding a conversation with an outside facilitator creates the safety in which can be asked the hard questions. But most groups don't ask for guidance when they most need it or until it seems too late.

Is it time for YOU to begin having the conversations you're NOT having? 

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What are your unresolved disagreements costing you?

Many tough situations need an impartial third-party mediator to unlock constructive conversation between people and to help explore various perspectives and options. 

Formal mediation uses a model that helps parties move from positions - to needs - to win-win resolutions. Other situations call for a bigger group to gather with a trained facilitator in a dynamic workshop environment where experiential activities help to sharpen effective communication skills.

What are those unresolved issues costing YOU and your relationships?

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